Sang ticket vs LV Damier Eva

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  1. Hi everyone, I need some help thinking this through.
    I've got a Sang ticket which I hardly use cos it's so small and I do not have many chances to use it. :confused1: I only use it when I've got not much to carry except cash, mobile and a tube of lipstick.
    I'm thinking of selling it and getting a LV Eva which I can also wear crossbody. The Eva also has a chain which I can use as a wristlet or on the shoulders or even as a clutch. (Pics of both bags enclosed). The Eva is also slightly bigger.

    The thing is, I love the color and leather on the sang and I would definitely lose money selling it.

    What are your thoughts? HELP! :shrugs:



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  2. As much as I love balenciaga I would have to say that I would go with the Eva.
    However it sounds as if space is an issue for you in which case why not trade up for a first?
  3. I would go for the Eva. I have one and love it!
  4. If you don't get too much use out of your Sang Ticket, you should let go of it. And like the ladies above, I too would go with the LV Eva although I absolutely ADORE Balenciaga and would choose a Bbag over an LV bag any day. The Eva looks great! - Looks like you can wear it casually or dressed up.
  5. I have 2 Firsts and absolutely love them! :biggrin:
  6. Anyone else has further ideas? Or if you have the Eva, tell me more about it. :yes:
  7. Go check out the LV forum for Eva info. There are quite a few threads on it. It's a wonderful bag and very roomy. Plus you get the shoulder strap or crossbody options.
  8. I would go with the balenciaga "hip" over the ticket. You can fit a lot more in it, but it's still a small cross body bag. The ticket is WAY over priced for what it is imo.
  9. ^^ The length of the strap on the Hip is way too long for me. :sad: It's longer than the strap on the ticket.
  10. ^^What about the shoulder?
  11. I generally prefer Bal but have the Damier Eva and find it to be super functional. I use it much more than I anticipated.
  12. ^^Sounds good to me.
  13. Is it still selling? I thought it has been discontinued. :P
  14. Hi, viewwing! I say sell the Ticket and find another bag that you will actually use. It makes no sense to hold onto a bag that is just sitting in your closet - let it go to a new home and be loved! I second the recommendation for a First. I think you would like the older models that have the longer strap. Good luck!