1. I have seen a few references to a new 07 color Sandstone? Anybody have any pictures or a description? It isn't on the color swatch board that Daphne emailed to me.

  2. Is it the Limestone/Argyle/Toffe?
  3. It is the first Matelasse bag in the picture (Argyle).:smile:
  4. i saw the swatch board yesterday, daphne and i both think it's like truffle and naturel had a beautiful bbag baby =) it's a really beautiful medium brown.
  5. Pretty! I want a Matelasse bag! Is that style available in all colors? Now?
  6. that color is going to be one of the last to arrive. daphne @ balny put the date around march.
  7. My Mom and I are both getting that in the new Hobo with gold. Love that color, it will go with everything! :love: