SANDSTONE WORK is finally mine!!! (pics)...

  1. So I decided to switch my purchase from a Sandstone Weekender to a Sandstone Work (I got the last one!).

    Daphne had the last one for me and it looks like it has such great leather! The Work that she sent pics of to POWDERPUFF had been sold but this one is such a beauty also. Now I'm leaning towards a Black Weekender for my next purchase.

    I should get the bag later this week, but here are the pics she sent me...



    This is the Work (pic from Powderpuff) that I originally wanted but missed out on...

  2. Lovin' the color and work style! The perfect combo I'd say. :yes: Congrats!!!
  3. Congratulations!! The leather and color looks gorgeous!!!
  4. the leather on the one you got looks very thick and lucious (sp) post pics when you get it!!!
  5. LOVELY!!! That is one seriously beautiful bag... congrats!
  6. you make me laugh, showing your new bag and planning your next already!!
  7. looks lovely!!
  8. Congratulations!!
  9. It's beautiful! Congrats on a superb sandstone work!!!!
  10. Looks very yummy. Congrats!
  11. yay, congrats, isn't sandstone the most amazing color & leather?!?! :yahoo::wlae::drool:...and i think the one you got looks even smooshier!!!
  12. Ooo, that might be the prettiest Sandstone Work I've seen yet! I hope you get it soon!
  13. Congratulations!!!!! I just got my sandstone city today and it is amazing. One of Balenciaga's most beautiful colors today.

    Its funny, but one of my first thoughts when I saw my city was, "I'll bet this would be amazing in a work" - and I am right (yours looks amazing)! Its the most creamy, perfect shade of tan imaginable. I love the grey undertones.

    I'm tempted to get a day in it, too - but that would be stupid because I have a sandstone city and a caramel day. A work, on the other hand.....

    Oh, if only I had the money.
  14. incoralblue : WOW....i love the sandstone work.....It's gorgeous.....envy ur new love.....enjoy
  15. Beautiful color and leather, hope you enjoy!