Sandstone work ggh or ocean work gsh??


Sandstone work ggh or ocean work gsh??

  1. Sandstone work ggh?

  2. Ocean work gsh?

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  1. I have either a sandstone or ocean available to me, which one should I go for??:tup:

    Both are workbags, the difference is that the ocean is with silver and the sandstone
    is with gold studs.:confused1:

    I love both, can only have one.

    Can you suggest which would be more popular.??
    I know both are gorgeous and there is no way I can afford 2 bags.

    So help me pick one.:supacool:
  2. I have a GGH Sandstone City. It is the one bag that I would never get rid of. I bought it on *bay and loved it immediately from the photos. I bought it though I had no money left and shouldn't. I went crazy when I got it out of the box. It is stupendous. No contest!
  3. I'm a huge fan of the ocean blue - totally underrated IMO!! LOVE IT!!! - I vote Ocean!!! :tup:

  4. Both are GORGEOUS! It's such a tough call... I think I would choose the Sandstone personally, but both are really great choices! Let us know what you decide :tup:
  5. definately sandstone ggh!! i love it!! that is my holy grail bag...there something about that...its a beautiful colour with the gh..very subtle!
  6. Definitely ocean!! I think it's so gorgeous with the SGH!!!
  7. Is there any chance there is two of the work GGH in sandstone available whereever you are buying it from??? I am dying to find it...:search:
  8. i think you should really get the ss ggh work "J" i regret passing it up twice and finally got one :p. its a gorgeous color w/ ggh and a bag i would never sell
  9. Ocean :smile: Its a great color which fits almost everything :smile:

  10. My thoughts exactly!
  11. I picked Sandstone.

    I saw both combos last weekend and I have to say, although Ocean and SGH looks awsome - I just couldnt help but stare at the Sandstone and GGH bag again and again.

    GL making your decision - tough call!
  12. I voted for the Sandstone w/ GGH because you just got the EB work!! I am not a fan of the ocean..
  13. Tough choice! Both of them are so pretty! I am a blue bag gal so I vote for Ocean SGH.
  14. Oh wow, 50/50 percent, I`m kinda leaning toward the sandstone, more
  15. one more vote for SS, but I'm biased coz I have one and love it to death, its the one bag I would never consider selling... it goes with everything IMO... a perfect neutral color but still interesting enough and its classy with the GGH... also I'm not a fan of blue bags... good luck!