Sandstone: where can I find a swatch of this new color?

  1. I am hoping to get a new neutral color Bal Bag for spring:yes: And I remember seeing this color (sandstone) posted I just cannot remember where. If anyone knows please post it:p Thanks!!

    Just wondering do you guys prefer Sandstone or Water Green for spring and summer?
  2. try ataliernaff! she's GREAT! and personally I like sandstrone more, the vert'deau is a tag too minty for me :yes:
  3. What is ataliernaff? and how do I find it?
  4. i think it's argile (which means "clay" in french), not argyle
  5. Whoops- you're totally right! How embarrassing since I speak French too:shame:
    Thanks for the correction, it is "Argile" as in Clay!