Sandstone vs. Argyle

  1. Is there a big difference IRL? Is sandstone much lighter?

    I want to get the new giant hobo and I was thinking of argyle but the sandstone is pretty too. Not sure it will come in the giant hobo though.
  2. sandstone is another name for the argile.
  3. Thanx! Why does there have to be so many names?? It makes me crazy!
  4. There's the official name of the color given by Balenciaga, then there's the nicknames given to them by SAs. usually the names given by SAs are more representative of the actual color. For instance: "cobalt" - official Balenciaga name vs "aquamarine" the SA given nickname.
  5. ^^ ITA!!!

    I was calling around for a bag the other day and I felt like I was ordering at Starbucks.... "yes, I'd like a periwinkle , yes, that's the bleu glacier matelesse, yes, that is the quilted with silver hardware, yes, or pewter to go please!"
  6. I'm too old to remember all those names!!!:noggin: