Sandstone, Truffle, Cafe...

  1. heya guys,

    I have a Cafe PT GGH, and got a Sandstone GGH work :yahoo:coming (hopefully soon).... and probably a Grenat work and plomb or anthra Work RH...

    but I saw the truffle GGH city IRL the other day and I fell in love with it also... :p... I dont like city with GH but I :heart: the truffle GGH combo...

    do you think I should get a Truffle GGH Work as well? or is the Sandstone GGH work enough??? or is that too many works???

    Really need some help in deciding coz Diabro only got one more Truffle GGH work left...

    PLEASE HELP :sos::sos::sos:
  2. Wow. I like all the colors. Although they are all in the same color family. Truffle is gorgeous, I'm not a bit fan of cafe though.
  3. I hear ya, but I'd leave it. Later you will reaaaallly, reaaallly want another bag, and like it better. Love Sandstone GGH in the Work- it's gorgeous- an icon.

    Have you ordered from Diabro before? If so do you like them?
  4. I would wait a bit to see if you really want it or if it is more of an impulsive buy. I find that sometimes I want something just because there's only one left or if I feel that it's going to be hard to find, but I don't madly need it. By waiting a bit, the feeling could pass if it's isn't something I really wanted to begin with...if that makes any sense.
  5. yea my Cafe PT was from them and they gave AMAZING customer service and the shipping was REALLY REALLY fast... it was sent out on a Friday and got here on the following Monday! and they declared a lower value to avoid customs fees which would've cost me an additional US$250!!! they call you after you've paid as well to confirm your order. HTH!
  6. I love all the colors you mentioned, but honestly, you should either leave Truffle GGH City or Work. Getting both would definitely be too much and I think you'll likely to loose your love by ODing yourself:p

    Plan your purchased carefully! Make sure you absolutely MUST have it or else, before you buy that way you'll appreciate your bags more.
    Just get what you really love and absolutely cannot live without.

    Don't worry, you'll ALWAYS find something you'll love!
  7. I totally agree with what you said. lol :yes: Nanaz gave me the same advice as well... even though I've bought through the yingyang lately... I love each of my bags and they are unique in their own way. Now all I need is something reddy and then of course, true blue. lol
  8. thanks tooshies! sorry I must be confusing in my thread... I mean I SAW a truffle GH city IRL... and love the combo but I want to get that combo in the WORK style... I dont like the cities with GH...

    I do :heart: the truffle GGH combo... very vintagey and its actually diff enough to the cafe suprisingly!!! I love the PT so much that I'm contemplating getting the truffle GGH PT instead now! oh, decisions!!! what to do what to do???

    wha'ts this forum got me into! my CC bill is like a mile long already!!!
  9. I also agree with Tooshies. Balenciaga has alot of amazing colour and GH combo's right now that its easy to want to grab 2 or 3 all at once but I think its better to really think on it first.

    I think getting truffle or cafe is a wiser decision as you may down the road look at them both and realize that they are in the same colour family and will want to sell one...