Sandstone - too blah?

  1. here is my sandstone PT - what are your thoughts? I'm used to much brighter bags, but don't have any neutrals...
  2. its nice....not my favorite but definitely not hideous
  3. what's so blah about letting the quality of the leather and the shape of the bag stand on its own? tres classy!

  4. My honest opinion: :p if you really want a neutral bag you should go for the Natural color.:yes: It is very pretty.:smile:
  5. Very pretty! I tend to go for deeper colors, but I think natural will complement so much. I just saw a photo someone posted wearing natural with a nice summery outfit and it looks great.

  6. but this is sandstone...
  7. Oops, sorry, my mistake. Are you feeling "blah" about the color or liking it?
  8. I'm not sure. Like I said, I typically go for much brighter bags, so I'm lacking a neutral. Natural frightens me because of keeping it clean, I thought this might be a nice alternative because it wouldn't show as much dirt as easily....
  9. I really like this color! I can't wait to hear from Bal NY about my Toffee weekender! :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  10. ^^^You're right that this will be a easier color to maintain than neutrel.

    When I posted my Q about Violet and Jaune being (too?) bright, a lot of people posted HOW they wear their bright bags -- by wearing a lot of neutrals. If you do the same, then you might have to amp up the colors in your clothes in order to make the most of Sandstone. KWIM?

    I do tend to wear a lot of color, so more neutral bags work well for me. As I'm contemplating brighter bags I'm thinking of ways to dress more neutrally without losing my sense of style.
  11. highgloss - I must be a fashion disaster b/c I wear bright clothes and wear bright bags! LOL

    One of my fave stores is jcrew because of all of the color. So "amping" my wardrobe is not a problem. I think I need to hold it up to some of my brighter things...
  12. I think it is beautiful in the pictures but I haven't seen it in person. I was going to NYC on Saturday to see it but now they are supposed to get some huge snow so we cancelled our trip. :sad:
  13. I'm not sure that sandstone would be my color. If I were going for a neutral, I would go for the 06 caramel. If you are already worrying about liking it, perhaps you should send it back and look for something else.
  14. Take some pics of you holding it wearing some colorful clothing, and let's see how it looks! :yes:

    Have you thought about Anthracite or Marine?
  15. I love sandstone, but because of the grey tones in it, it won't look right when put next to bright colors. It needs to be worn with more muted colors like olive green, heathered blues, etc. Caramel or camel would be better neutrals for more cheery brights.