Sandstone PT - yummy!

  1. think this will be a hard color to keep looking nice?
  2. That is a great color! I don't think it would be hard to keep clean...It kind of has a muddy quality to it already so I think it would be a great "light" color to have.

    I am too afraid to get a white BBag but I plan on getting this.
  3. I don't think it will be too hard to keep clean if you are careful. I have a calaire that I use quite a bit and she's managed to stay looking beautiful.
  4. Not at all hard to keep clean - Love it !!!!
  5. Gorgeous! Reminds me of my '05 Caramel! :drool:
  6. the color is amazing, and it's definitely not hard to keep it clean. i use white bags pretty frequently, and i have to be really careful, but with sandstone, it doesn't seem to be too light.
    love it!!
  7. Amazing color in a great style. As for maintenance, depends on how much you'll be using it, right? If you use Apple Garde protecting spray I think that you'll do just fine...
  8. I love your bag
    Congrats she's a keeper
  9. I love it too. I am dying to see one of those sandstone bags in person. I get to go to NYC on Saturday. Woohoo!

    Congratulations. It is a beauty. I think you won't know how hard it is to keep clean until you use it. I think it also will depend on how you treat your bags.
  10. Don't think it'd be too hard to keep clean :smile:
  11. lovely color...i don't think it would be hard to maintain. it's not as light as greige or calcaire, and even those colors stay beautiful w/ use from other pfers' own experiences.
  12. I think it'll be fine, not too light. I too am thinking about getting this color for the season (possibly in a part time).
  13. Nah, that won't be too hard to keep clean. Sandstone is a color I really didn't like until I saw it in person. The leather was thick and the color was gorgeous.
  14. Dunno...
    but WOOW, your new bag is gorgeous!
  15. Gorgeous!!!!!!!