Sandstone pics pls?

  1. People with sandstone, mind posting them to see?
    I am going crazy debating if I should get sandstone or natural....

    i keep getting stuck on the idea that sandstone is a more a light brown and therefore it's not a perfect colour for summer..... and i have really tanned skin so it'll be too browny :sad:

    pls help! any sandstone pics would be helpful! the more the better?

    and ur opinions too if u have any
  2. I dont own a sandstone, but IMO sandstone is not a brown tone. its more of a light caramel tone I think. I love the pictures of the sandstone bags I have seen on here so far! Good luck deciding!
  3. I have a Sandstone PT & I can't post pics right now, because they are on the other computer then the one I am on...

    However, you can see the color here: in Post #526.

    I would describe the color as a light caramel brown, with grey undertones? It definately isn't as bright as the bbag color "caramel", but it isn't just a flat light brown either... Tough to describe though! :p
  4. I describe the color as dark kakhi with grey and olive undertones. From what you say above, you would probably prefer the natural. The sandstone color comes across darker IRL than in my pics.
    sandstone.jpg sandstone3.jpg
  5. I owned naturel but have since sold it. And I just recently bought Sandstone (Work)...I quite prefer the's like Taupe.


  6. I think I would pick Natural :yes:
  7. I have natural and sandstone. Both are subdued, elegant colors. Not colors to wear if you are looking to add pop or excitement to your wardrobe. If you want a neutral that pops, try to find a caramel 05. I have a day bag in caramel and it looks awesome with brights and colors.
  8. This is a shot of a sandstone messenger and a naturel twiggy....this should help for comparision...


  9. This bag is out of this world, I love seeing your pics. You pick great colors w/ great leather.
  10. Yes! incoralblue - taupe!! That was the color I was trying to think of earlier, but it wasn't quite coming to me... kind of a taupe color. :yes:
  11. Here is my Sandstone work. The color is more greyish than others hard to capture its real color w/ a little pink undertone.
    Sandstone work.JPG
  12. ^Ahhh, the INFAMOUS Sandstone Work w/ pink undertones. Very lovely Clarimond
  13. Here's pics of my sandstone city. I think you should give it a shot since it is one of my favorite colors.

    What colors do you tend to wear during the summer?
    city.jpg cityfront.jpg cityback.jpg
  14. Here's my city it's really nice. Much like 05' taupe without the grey. [​IMG] I highly recommend, if you're searching for taupe.