Sandstone Partime?

  1. :nuts: Hi,
    can you guys tell me ig this is the sandstone color?

    It is not natural-what is it?

    I jave this bag on hold at Nordis....:yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Here is the pic-sorry...
  3. Sorry I can`t post the pic....but I will do it this evening from home.

    Please wait...:yes:
  4. Now this time I hope it works....

    Could you guys confirm that this is the sandstone
    partime bag>?

    Thanks so much...:smile:
    Balenciaga004 Sandstone partime.jpg
  5. Yeah, looks like it [the sandstone] ... you oughta grab it, I think it's hard to find now.
  6. Yes, it's Sandstone! SNATCH IT UP!
  7. this from the Sac Nordies?? If so I have seen this IRL!! Gorgeous leather:p :p
  8. :yahoo: ;) :graucho: I`m gona buy it tomorrow.
    Yeah...thanks for your help.....:rolleyes:
  9. Beautiful Sandstone!!! I love the part time style too!!! :heart: :heart:
  10. Should I reaally get this partimer today????:yahoo:
    OMG I can`t wait to call Nordis.....:jammin: