Sandstone owners - please help me choose!

  1. Hi! I just received these pics of sandstone twiggy and city bags from BalNY. Can those of you who own sandstone let me know which pic most accurately depicts the color? I am leaning towards the twiggy, I don't think I like the leather on this city... Thanks in advance! :yes:


    DSC03386.JPG DSC03387.JPG
  2. they are both so different! which style do you like better - i think the leather on both bags is TDF

    the twiggy seems a lot lighter... tough choice, but it seems as if you prefer the twiggy, right? :p
  3. I think I am looking for a twiggy this time, but like the color of the leather in the city pic. Can the colors really be that different?
  4. The color is more accurate in the pic of the city. Also, I happen to prefer the leather on the city. For me, the more wrinkley, the better. I'm not a fan of smooth leather on bbags.
  5. Look at that brick wall, it's the same wall - but it looks so much more yellow in the Twiggy pic, that indicates that that whole image is more yellow. So I don't think that Twiggy has a different shade of color :smile:
  6. Look at the wall behind the bags. See how it's pink in one and green in the other. I was told their lights change to create atmosphere so that is why we get these funky colored pictures. I don't know why they can't step outside and get an accurate picture. Ok finished complaining.
    I think the City is more accurate for color but I don't care for the heavy vein pattern on it. The Twiggy leather I like a lot.
  7. gwen - I think the Twiggy was taken without the flash, that is why the color looks different.:yes: My Sandstone has a bit of pink in it. I like the slouchiness of the City though.:heart:
  8. lol, powder! I agree w/you!

    BTW, can somebody tell me how many shades darker than natural the sandstone is? I DO NOT want to have to return another bag to BalNY! I want to get a good feel for this color before I buy.
  9. Is this the only sandstone city they have? If not, I would ask for more pics. I am a city girl, but I know I will eventually add a twiggy to my collection. Look at the pics Nanaz posted of hers, she has lots of pics and represent the color the most accurately I think.
  10. This is the pic Nanaz took w/o flash. I am hoping it is accurate as far as color. I ended up getting the twiggy, it will be here Friday! I will post pics when it arrives. Thanks, everybody!

  11. I prefer the leather on the city. The leather on the twiggy is a bit *too* smooth for my liking.

    Eta: opps posted at the same time as you! show us pics when you get her!!
  12. First of all, which style you prefer between the two. I like the wrinkly leather and color on the city. Please post pictures when you decide which bag you get.
  13. I prefer the leather on the City as well - I loved the distressed look so much :nuts:

    I've seen Sandstone IRL and it is well depicted in Nanaz's pics :yes: Beautiful!

    Let us know what you decide ;)
  14. I love how a Sandstone Twiggy looks, but either would be gorgeous!!
  15. The color of the city looks more like my sandstone (messenger) than that on the twiggy.