Sandstone or Truffle for a yr round neutral?

  1. Please post photos of both. Thanks!:smile:
  2. Definitely Sandstone. :yes: I love it. Here is mine.:heart:
    IMG_2414 (2).JPG IMG_2413 (2).JPG
  3. NANAZ Your original post is what got me thinking about sandstone. I have a brand new twiggy in truffle and it's a dark truffle. I think it may be too similar to my cafe. I think I'll exchange it for the sandstone if I can find one. BTW, off topic but your user name makes me :smile: I just lost my NANA and her last name was Zimmerman so everytime I see your user name I think of her. Thanks!
  4. Z&J - I really like Sandstone better. :yes: You should try Saks in Boca Fl. They might have the Twiggy in Sandstone if you don't want to purchase from BalNY. Truffle just doesn't do any thing for me and the leather on the Truffle is kind of dry (at least the ones i have seen so far). :sad:
    I am so sorry about your NANA but i am also happy that my user name makes some one happy.:yahoo: Nanaz is actually my nick name. Every one in my family calls me Nanaz so i am used to it.:heart:
  5. Either! :smile: I know that doesn't help much, but both are beautiful in different ways.
  6. I think it can be both. I'm a big fan of both! I sold my Truffle Work last year and have since regretted it...but I am planning to buy another one, soon!
  7. I love the truffle because of its gold undertones. But I have never seen sandstone IRL. Here's my truffle shopper and my truffle GH city. I'm a really poor photographer, sorry....but I hope this helps.


  8. Either but I would prefer Sandstone for year round. Truffle reminds me more of a fall winter bag but it light enough for year round. Both would be a great choice.

    Don't forget Greige, also a fabulous year round bag that goes with just about anything since it has beige and gray tones.

  9. I love my truffle. It can be super casual or dressed up. My favorite thing to wear it with is my Jcrew dark brown knee high boots over skinny jeans. Sandstone is amazing though. Me, the sick addict will probably have to get it too.

  10. Sandstone!

    I just sent back my Truffe Twiggy for a Sandstone. Truffe was sooo dark in real life (or mine was), I didn't like it at all :sad:

    Oh & Nanaz mentioned the Truffe being dry... minde def. was. (I ordered from BalNY) - the leather was just horrible.
  11. I love both colors, but, for year round versatility, I prefer the Sandstone. :yes:
  12. I think Sandstone would be very versatile for year round...

    I'm thinking of getting Cafe or Truffle too though, for when I want a darker brown. ;)
  13. sandstone gets my vote.
  14. I have both and I think Sandstone is the best year round color.

    Sandstone is amazing!!! Truffle is nice too but I feel like it is more of a Fall/Winter color as well.
  15. Did I mention I already have Cafe. That's why I think truffle may be too similar.