Sandstone or mastic (can't decide)

  1. I am about to order my first B-bag and can't decide which color to go with (sandstone or mastic). Both are beautiful. I cannot see them in person first either (ordering by mail).

    Any words of wisdom? Pros or cons with those colors?

  2. iwantone, sorry I cant be of much helpto you on this , but just because I love them both!:lol:I don't have either of them at the moment, I'm addicted to their bolder colors myself, but would like to purchase one neutral in the future!! But if I would have to pick just would be sandstone :rolleyes:Good Luck!
  3. Both are beautiful - I prefer Sandstone, which I think is the perfect year-round, go with everything neutral. I love it best with GGH, but it's gorgeous with RH, too.
  4. Both are pretty but if I had to choose, it would be sandstone:tup:
  5. I vote for sandstone.
  6. I vote for mastic! Love it!
  7. i vote for sandtone, the color is more intense than mastic which is more neutral. why don't you try sahara, it's 08 color, i saw it instore and found it amazingly beautiful.
  8. I have a sandstone GGH day which I love so I vote for sandstone as well! I agree with delmilano, I saw a Sahara GGH City at Barnye's the other day and it literally stopped me in my tracks. The only reason I didn't get it was that I could not justify having both a sandstone and a Saraha bag!
  9. Sandstone.
  10. OK so I went with Sandstone. I agree that the Sahara Is BEAUTIFUL (ok they are ALL BEAUTIFUL!!), but I would worry about it being so light.

    Kim at BalNY helped me (Daphne was on Vacation), and I told her that I heard that she picks out good bags so I hope that she sends me a good one :smile:

    I am so excited!

    Thank all of you for your opinions and help :smile:
  11. Great choice. You can't go wrong with either. I have both and love them equally. I'm surprised they still have sandstone available.
  12. What style & hardware combo did you order?
  13. I personally like Sandstone since I feel mastic has a little bit too much brown tone in there.
  14. both are gorgy! but i'm partial to mastic myself. :yes:
  15. sandstone looks beautiful