Sandstone or Black Twiggy?

  1. My Mom is wonderful and since my new puppy underwent some heart surgery (he's recovering, my little champ :heart:) she felt badly & said I should get another bbag :jammin: I'm pretty certain I want a Twiggy, but I'm unsure about the color - I keep going back & fourth between Sandstone & Black. Which would you ladies choose :confused1:

    Oh & just in case Sandstone wins, does anyone know if BalNY still has some in stock?

    ETA: my current "collection" just consists of a Vert D'Eau First :smile: I was hoping to get a bag I could use when my Vert doesn't match with what I'm wearing.
  2. :love: :love: :love: Sandstone :love: :love: :love:
  3. Sandstone is my choice....:smile:
  4. Definitely SANDSTONE! The color is amazing.....
  5. I would go black. Total rock chick. Balenciaga motor bags EXCEL themselves when in black leather.

    Plus its a great polar opposite to what you have now.
  6. Verty- I am so sorry to hear about your puppy!

    I voted black b/c I feel like my VD city is like a neutral and since you already have a "neutral" vd first, I thought that a black twiggy would be stunning on you! :wlae:
  7. Sandstone, you can always get black later. But more important, is puppy going to have a full recovery? I hope so, good luck with both!
  8. Thank-you Shasta & kitten :heart:

    Kitten, thanks so much! The surgery went well (he had an open duct) & in 7-10 days he should have a "normal" puppy heart :yahoo:

    Thanks so far ladies, please keep the votes coming:girlsigh:
  9. I am voting for black since you already have a light colored bag. Glad to hear puppy is recovering.
  10. black
  11. the black! since you already a vert d'eau which is a light color, the black you can use in winter, etc as well!

    p.s. hope your puppy is doing well! :smile:
  12. Black for me too!!! as you have one light colour id go for a dark one!
  13. Sandstone! Black's always going to be around, and sandstone's a real cool colour.
  14. Everybody needs one black b-bag, and a black twiggy would be gorgeous.
  15. Sandstone is such a knockout color and will be great in spring and summer. You can always get a black twiggy later this year. They're made every season. Sandstone isn't. JMO.