Sandstone or Black City?

  1. Okay, I was SURE I was going to buy the black, but then I started thinking (read: obsessing) about maybe I'd like the sandstone better. Do you think it looks as rich as the black? Since I can only afford one, which way should I go?:confused1:
  2. i think you can't go wrong with black! unless you really really love the color of sandstone :smile:

    however, it may not be easy to find a nice condition sandstone in the future....but black seems to be always available :smile: so..... hehee i know i didn't really help :p
  3. I'd go with Sandstone, it's so pretty and versatile! Black is made evry season, so you can always get one when you have the money again!
  4. Colored bbags are so unique to the designer! If you can only own 1 bbag right now I'd go for a color. But choose a color that you can wear with your wardrobe so you get wear out of the bag. Then maybe, when you afford another bbag get the black!
  5. i agree with mama2anangel and lordguinny. Go for colored bag with beautiful leather then get the black later on.
  6. I would get the sandstone, and then wait for an older black city with the perfect older leather to pop up on eBay!
  7. I would have said black a few months ago but I just got my Sandstone Work and it goes with everything and the leather is TDF! Like others have said you can always get a black City later, as they make it every season. But get what you want since you are the one wearing it. CONGRATS on your soon to be 1st Bbag! You'll love it!
  8. Sandstone!! :yes:
  9. :yahoo:Ahhhhh, you kids have pushed me over the edge - Sandstone it is!!!!! Actually, since I live in the desert, this color brings new meaning to practicality. Yipppeeee!!! The obsessing is over for now and I can relax [that is, until I want/need/got to have another bbag]
  10. sandstone, the leather is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. You'll LOVE your Sandstone!!! I was trying to decide between black & sandstone for my City & am so glad I went with Sand. It's amazing :drool:
  12. black