Sandstone Messenger, Periwinkle, And The Partition Bag...

  1. For those of you interested...
    Now availalbe at Raffaello

    Sandstone messenger:


    The Partition bag:


    Periwinkle first:

  2. Thanks for the info....has anyone here ordered from them before? I've read mixed reviews on the internet about their customer service. :sad:
  3. I've heard that the shipping is quite fast actually.

    But because they are based in Europe, the conversion just seems a bit high (if you're based in the US).
  4. Don't order from them. Their customer services are terribble, I tried to order from them they mucked the order up for a week and kept asking me to pay Cash on Delivery, then they tried to overcharge my credit card and then they told me after 1 week that my item was out of stock even though 1 month later it is still on their website. Avoid like the plague. If you don't believe me see the link below.
  5. I've ordered from them and had a great experience. Item was shipped to Canada right away. The provided tracking number and I received the shipment within the week!