Sandstone-GH in Brief, City, Work.. which style is the best? Pic Pls!

  1. Actually I'm in the search for threads with Natural GH photo & comment to compare which style is the best. BUT, I ended up seeing lots of PFer's SANDSTONE GH bags and the more I see, the more I fall in love with this colour. So I have to say that I'm all with Sandstone now! :yahoo: But do need your help to advise me about which style should I get?? :sweatdrop:

    I like the look of GH Brief :heart: but from reading many comments here, lots of people complaint about the un-practical for use, is this really a big problem for Brief? Brief owner please post pic and help me out please!!! :yes:

    Or should I go for an it-can't-go-wrong-style of GH City? And what about the GH work, will it be too big for my everyday use??? :shrugs:
  2. I say the GH work! More of the yummy leather! I don't think it is too big for everyday use!
  3. PT PT PT PT PT!!! :yahoo:


    (Cracker, have you seen that pic? :nuts:)
  4. ^^ PT wasn't one of her choices... :p but that would be my pick as well!!!
  5. Surely she just forgot that choice so I am reminding her. :p
  6. Here's a photo of a Sandstone GH work from BalNY. That would be my choice out of those three. Another option would be the day. This is the one I have. Love it!!:love:
    DSC02913.jpg giantsandday.jpg
  7. Thanks Mintpearl, Glimmer, fiatflux, shopdrop99 for your convincing comments and all the great photo!! :heart: :jammin:
    Wow! Seems like I have another option now! Anyway, let me tell that all your Sandstone are soooooooo gorgeous, I love its smooshiness and the veins that shown on the leather and the gold GH just a perfect compliment to the bag!!!

    I know you guys vote for the Work and the PT, butjust one question.... the Brief is not a good choice at all? Ok, I will cut the city choice out and add the PT in instead! :p I love the Day too! But I'm just having Day in Cafe delivering to me soon. But frankly, I love the look of Brief and love the work style... PT is nice but don't know if it has the size that suit my need or not? :shrugs:

    Any other opinions pleasssse? :winkiss:
  8. I like the Giant Brief but I've never seen it in Sandstone. I'm sure it would be beautiful. Maybe you can call BalNY tomorrow(talk to Kim or Daphne) and ask them to email you a photo. I would love to see what it looks like too.:yes:
  9. I saw a work GH sandstone on Wed, it was sooo nice! The brief they only had in dark colors so that was no help.

    I too like the brief style, and thanks to incoralblue, am starting to like the work too.

    This sounds dumb but.......think of it like this: the brief is more vertical and work more horizontal, for me that helps me put things in perspective for some reason. I am a day person like the vertical or N-S shape even though I have to dig sometimes to find things.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that work sandstone GH I saw was absolutely stunning!

    You cant go wrong with any model. I am leaning for myself for the day but am thinking about a work.

    I totally feel your pain!