Sandstone flat messanger here too!

  1. Hi girls! thought I would share - newly arrived from LVR! Quick personal review:
    • GREAT leather! Very thick, non veiny
    • Looks VERY much like Taupe, maybe a shade browner
    • Not a whole lot like Caramel 05, despite what the photos might say
    • Nice strap, very adjustable with 5 holes
    • Not very slouchy when worn messanger style, although it looks slouchy enough when hung on shoulder - will age change that? I hope so, it ain't Balenciaga-esque without the slouch!
    • HUGE pockets, internal and external, very roomy
    • .. did i say great leather already?

      (sorry for the terrible pictures)
    Sandstone 1.jpg

    Sandstone 3.jpg

    Sandstone 2.jpg
  2. The leather on this bag looks splendid!! Love it!
  3. That looks like SUCH a nice bag!!
  4. I love it! Cograts and thanks for the pics.
  5. Congrats!! I really like it
  6. The leather looks so good and love the colour, congrats!
  7. Thanks for posting - I love the color and the leather looks great.
  8. That is GORGEOUS!!!!!!:love: I want one!!!!!!!:love:
  9. pretty!
  10. very nice. congrats!
  11. Congrats the leather looks amazing ...!
  12. I would have never thought from the swatch that this color would have come out so beautifully.

    Thanks for the pics! I put myself on the waitlist for this color!
  13. GORGEOUS !!!!! I love this style !!!
    Congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Gorgeous color and leather!! :love: Congrats!! :yahoo:
    I am in trouble this season b/c I've loved everything I've seen so far! :nuts:
  15. Its gorgeous! And the color is absolutely perfect! I may be in the minority but I am happy with it being more like taupe than caramel. Eeps!