Sandstone City?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm a B-bag newbie (peeking over from the Chanel forum :smile:) and i'm interested in purchasing a purse in Sandstone. I'm not sure of the looks like the city, but smaller, and it retails for around $995. I'm really confused because i've seen pictures of it on this thread--it's been called a mini city, a first--so I have no idea! Also, does anyone know a Saks that carries this purse in Sandstone? My co-worker gave me a 1k gift card, unfortunately, the Saks in San Francisco does not carry Balenciaga.

    Thanks ladies, for any help you can provide :p
  2. Roo--yes, that's exactly it! Thank you! Do you happen to know a Saks that might carry that model and color combination?
  3. Personally I have never seen bbags at Saks but if you call one of the bigger ones out of CA maybe they can direct you toward a branch that carries them.

    Good luck! Sandstone is a gorgeous colour.