Sandra Bullock's handbag...

  1. does anyone know what this is? I can't place it!

  2. Hm. I was going to say Prada because it looks like theres that upside down triangle patch at the top-center, but that may be something else.
  3. Definitely PRADA. I seen it at the boutique a couple of weeks ago. I don't think there's a triangle, but the logo is there. It says prada in gold writing.
  4. yep, i also say it's by prada.
  5. Thanks girls! The quickest way to find out anything is on the PF!!!
  6. So true, Shoes!
  7. yep, prada!it's a gorgeous bag!:biggrin:
  8. I wonder what the dimensions are - have any of you seen in person?
  9. Thats a gorgeous bag!
  10. Nice! I actually got it right for once LOL :shame:
  11. Same Prada as Liv Tyler... :smile:


  12. Wow, Liv and Sandra both look so cute!
  13. OMG!! This is the same bag i saw on Lucy lui a week ago in LA!!!! It is stunning in real life and the size is similar to medium balenciaga but the hardware is more retro...It is a beauuuutiful bag. The leather is stunning
  14. hehehe ppl here do really know their bags by heart.. lol lol
  15. it's a great place!! I wonder what the bag is called?