Sandra Bullock's Gucci

  1. On the new movie The Blind Side.. Anyone know which one it is? :smile:
  2. do you have any photos?
  3. That purse caught my eye as well. I believe it was the Gucci Jockey Hobo purse. The large is around $1350, and the med. size is $895.00. I think she was carrying the large one.
  4. ^yup, that's what it was. i don't think it's currently available in the color combo she wore. how cute was sandra bullock in that movie?!
  5. Omg, she looked awesome in that movie!
    I was obsessed with her handbag and watch!
    Her watch was the channel j12 h2013
  6. Along with the Jockey hobo, she also wore the large Charlotte hobo with white trim... I heard the Jockey in that color went on sale last spring, but the Charlotte might go on sale in June!!!
  7. Her watch is actually a Toy Watch! I am obsessed with mine!