Sandra Bullock!

  1. hmm i thought she adopted a korean baby did she adopt two?
  2. omg. i wish i looked like that and i'm 29!!
  3. Jesse James can suck it. hard.
  4. Katherine Heigl's daughter is Korean.. maybe you're confusing the two? I think it's great that these ladies are adopting, there are a lot of kids in the world who need good homes :tup:

  5. LOL I have no doubt he's kicking himself in the ass.
  6. He's so busy getting it on w/ Kat Von D . . . he doesn't care about anyone but Jesse IMO.

  7. Kat is so gross.
  8. So is JJ so they're a perfect match! :tup:

    Sandy looks great and her son is such a cutie :love:
  9. Sandra is gorgeous, I have always loved her style and grace!
  10. Sandra looks great and those big, fat chubby cheeks on her son... adorable!!!
  11. they broke up, she's back with Nikki Sixx...
  12. I love Sandra and baby Louie. I think it is so cute she calls him her little "cajun cookie"

    As for Jesse, I don't see alot of happiness in his future unless he wants to live in tatoo parlors and date hookers! Poor children did not deserve him!
  13. she looks absolutely gorgeous. I always thought she was so beautiful! Her little guy is beyond adorable!!!
  14. Ok, is her baby Louis pronounced "Lewis" or Louis pronounced "Louie"? I NEVER know with that name.....
  15. I assume she pronounces it "Louie". She has said that she heard a Louis Armstrong song as she held him for the first time and named her son for him.