Sandra Bullock!

  1. A judge has extended a stay-away order against a man name Thomas James Weldon, 37, whom Bullock accuses of stalking her across several states and relentlessly sending her faxes and e-mails. James Weldon has been under court order to stay at least 200 feet from the 41-year-old actress since 2003. Superior Court Judge Marion Johnson extended the order, due to expire June 5, until June 2009. Bullock definitly feel a little bit safer now!
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  2. She's 41??? Wow she is looking good ..

    I love her, I am glad that guy got lock up..
    I am looking forward to watch her new movie the lake house, it should be so romatic..I am a sucker ! My DH can't stand any of her movie except Crash
  3. i think she's beautiful and always very classy....
    she must be a very intelligent, i think she's a talented actress!:biggrin::lol:
    ...and i like her style!:biggrin:
  4. LOVE her, she's a hoot!
  5. I lover her! She and Jesse live in Sunset Beach and I have seen her at the Wild Oats store in Long Beach a couple of times.
  6. I agree, I've always thought she has class and beauty.
  7. I love her, she seems Real..
  8. I agree! I fell in love with her after seeing her in "Lucky Chances" and "Love Potion #9"!!!:lol:
  9. So cute and so down to earth! She one of my favorite people!
  10. Very smart and funny lady and she appears to be so down to earth.
  11. She's a great actress, intelligent, funny, & very pretty. Her & her husband always look so cute together.
  12. I think she is gorgeous and she seems like a very smart, genuine person.
  13. I just read the Vanity Fair article on her today. She seems like a normal person with a good head on her shoulders. It's a good article for any fans out there.
  14. I LOVE her she is an amazing actress! I always laugh my head off when I watch her movies.:biggrin::flowers: