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  1. considering purchasing from them --anyone purchased a birkin recently? your experience? they are includedon the list of good sellers up above but i am not sure i conpletely agree with the list. thanks
  2. Sandiaexchange is WONDERFUL. I bought a gorgeous ebene/vibrato Birkin 35 from her and it's just gorgeous :biggrin: Let's see if I can make these pics work: [​IMG]
  3. ^ebene vibrato!!! :drool:
  4. Which bag are you considering, Hermesaholic?

    NM, it is so nice to see you! Gorgeous vibrato Birkin!!
  5. I've only had good experience with her. She does a lot of sales for her charity/place she works Hope School. She is prompt to answer any emails. Really, I only wish she would get the bags that I am looking for.
  6. I've had a very good experience with her; I bought my Thalassa blue Box Birkin from her, last October....
  7. Can someone fill me in on how to contact her, details, etc.,

    Does she sell new or previously loved?

  8. I won and bought a Gold Birkin bag through Ebay from Sandiaexchange. Very good experience. Quick communications and fast shipping. I love my bag it is in excellent condition. I wouldn't doubt for a second to buy again.

    Skelly you can find sandiaexchange on Ebay
  9. Lovely lady and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her. She does wonderful work for her charity of choice as well.
  10. Sorry, this should be posted in the Discuss Ebay Sellers thread. Must close.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.