Sandals ...

  1. Does anyone have these ? [​IMG]

    What do you wear with them and how comfy are they ?
  2. THose are really cute! I don't think I've ever seen them.
  3. Those look comfy!!!:yes:
  4. they do, i worry though about not much padding at the front. But you could and insole there ?
  5. NOT COMFY! I tried them on twice cause I really liked them, but they are too steep and not enough padding. I went with the denim wedgies, very comfy. GOOD LVCK!
  6. Do you normally wear heels ?

    that was my worry. I usually wear heels so that isnt an issue, i'm sure most pumps dont have much padding at the toe. but those just look hard.

    Thanks for the heads up.
  7. :lol: Have you seen my pic in the glass slipper! I am a total fanatic. Trust me, they are as hard as they look. If you really like them, you could probably get the "party feet" gel insoles.
  8. Where is the thread.. let me go look thanks

    Edited to say ..:shocked: thats a lot of HEELS!!