1. Help me choose.. B/f owes me an LV and i'm going to get a pair of sandals...

    which ?



  2. I tried on both today and the bought the top ones as they are cuter IRL!! They are wonderful!
  3. thank you, those are the ones b/f likes best.
    I think we're planning to go this saturday :smile:
  4. the first ones are nices and have less vachetta to worry...
  5. First ones look a lot more comfy.
  6. I think the top ones are sexier!!!
  7. Top ones are sexier, & look comfier too.
  8. I think we have a winner :biggrin:
  9. Love the first pair!
  10. Nice!!!Enjoy it!
  11. Definitely the first pair!
  12. the top one screams hotness. lucky you!!
  13. I'd go with the top pair.
  14. I think they are both sexy and you can't go wrong with either one. I tried on the bottom pair just this past weekend and almost got them, but DH did not want me to spend $500 on shoes :sad:

    I think the bottom pair looks hotter on the feet than it does in the picture.
  15. thank you all for all your thoughts. Again I cant wait to see them irl.