Sandals question

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  1. Hi! Does anyone have these shoes? And do they fit around the toe? Comfortable? Do they run true to size? I wear size 8 usually. Please share your experience!

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  2. OMG those are adorable. Don't have them, but they are so cute!
  3. i tried thesr on at Saks...they ran TTS for me...35 is my normal size and these fit in a 35 :biggrin:

    i do have narrow feet and heels
  4. They also come in light red, navy, and a sand/beige/tan color in addition to the gold. They are indeed super comfortable, and the band fits well around your toe (but doesn't go all the way to the base of the toe). They run true to size or a tad smaller, i.e. if you are a 37-37.5, get the 37. They are super cute, very comfortable on first wearing, and you get the camellia look in a shoe that will last. To answer your first question, yes in more than one color. :smile:
  5. I ordered a pair of these in the navy. But, they just shipped yesterday. So, I haven't seen or tried the IRL
    yet. I'll let you know!
  6. oh what was the price if you don't mind? navy sounds awesome btw.
  7. I believe the sandals are $795. Someone correct me if I got this wrong.
  8. Yes, they are $795 plus tax. :smile:
  9. thanx for the info. can't wait to see them in navy
  10. How did I miss these? They are lovely😍 but what color to hard to decide!
  11. It's quite hard to decide...they are cute and comfortable, plus they are leather so they will last longer than some other types of summer shoes.

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  12. Thank you guys for your replies!!! That navy looks almost black! Or is that just a picture?
  13. It's a true navy. The red is a light red (so not a deep red), and the beige is a bit more grey than it shows in this photo. The gold is a gold lame-looking-color-material in appearance.
  14. So that red would not be close to fuschia lamb from this season? I am going to stay away from gold! Thanks for the tip!
  15. No, the red is nowhere near the color of fuchsia or the 14C dark pink of the Chanel 3. It's a light red. I'd stay away from gold, too, as it just doesn't look as nice as the other colors. You are very welcome. :smile: