Sand Paddington

  1. I saw a Sand paddington on nap site the other day. Does anyone know whether Nordstrom will be carrying this? Also, when I try to put that bag in the shopping cart, its description changed from Sand Paddy to Brown. I'm confused.
  2. I believe sand is taupe, no? If so then yes, stores will be carrying taupe...
  3. I thought that 'sable' translated to 'sand' in english??
  4. I think sand is taupe though ^^^^ On the sable paddy that i have, the tag says kaki which means khaki so i don't know either! :shrugs:
  5. On the NAP site it actually looks light pinkish ... so it's a tan color or was it sable? Actually, I really like sable, but you can't get it in the store anymore, right?
  6. You can get taupe at Nordstroms now. I just ordered a Taupe paddy.
  7. i just checked NAP, it looks very similar to sable.
  8. OK, i consulted an *expert* and was informed that sand is a new color and different from the sable in 05.
  9. Yeah, I think the discontinued sable...if they had continued producing sable I think they would have just kept the name sable.

    These new names are so confusing!
  10. i love the color for the sand paddington. when i was looking at the website last week before i bid on that ebay one, it was sold out. im so mad that now it's back on but it's too late for me b.c i already got that ebay one. if youre unsure of the color, you could always call them up and make sure it's not brown youre gonna end up purchasing.
  11. Thanks for clarifying estile :flowers: :heart:
  12. Such a gorgeous color! On the Ebay auction listed it almost looks to have a touch of pink. Very very pretty!! :love:
  13. I saw this coloured bigger paddy today (I think it was a pocket paddy..?) and it was gorgeous...!!! I had my craie / creme 05 loaf with me so I compared them and I have to say I like them both just as much :smile: This sand / creme 06 is bit richer and more beigeish cream tone, like cream with a few spoonfulls coffee in it - just like in ebay pictures :biggrin: It's such a delicious shade!