Sand Paddington too light for winter?

  1. Hello everyone! Do you think the sand Paddy is too "white" for winter in the Northeast. I love it but don't want to get it if I won't get to use it! Thanks so much!:yes:
  2. I adore the colour :yes: , but I do think it is too pale for the coming winter.

    Its a perfect bag for spring and summer, but I prefer rich vibrant colours for winter. :smile:
  3. Sort of off-topic but is it still bad form to wear white shoes after Labor Day? And if so, does a white purse follow too???
  4. I don't think the rule applies anymore. I have seen so many beautiful winter white items, so I think you could definitely still use a white bag.

    I think white shoes are a different story just because it isn't practical to wear white shoes in the winter. They would get so dirty! Or at least they would in Toronto with all the snow and ice.
  5. Hmmm I think some muted "whites" like blanc, craie or sand are lovely on winter, especially if there's snow:biggrin:
    But If the weather is veeery bad the snow princess look may not be the most practical one.. I'll propably try it only on those sunny winter days with my craie loaf & creamy knitted scarf which has pompons around it :smile:
  6. I was thinking this myself... I want to get a white bag but I was trying to put it off till the spring for fear I couldn't wear it. I live in NY and it does get cold and snow in the winter... So hmm... I dunno what to do. :shrugs:
  7. I would look at your winter wardrobe and see what colours you usually wear and then decide if a white/sand/cream bag would work for you.

    I tend to wear a lot of neutrals (black, brown, grey, white), so a lighter bag would be used a lot. But it might not work if you are wearing a lot of the richer jewel tones?
  8. That's really good advice! I'm still picking out the clothes I want this season. I'll keep that in mind when I go shopping this week! :heart:
  9. I say YAY for light. I used my craie exclusively in the winter and think a warm winter white looks very luxe in the cold weather.
  10. actually, the sand isnt THAT light so i think it would be ok. but even if it was, i think everything's dark enough in the winter time, that i agree with sonja's idea of wearing it with a cream colored scarf with pom-poms. youll look so fresh & cozy! just b careful of the days when its raining or snowing bad!
  11. I love a soft white in winter, but I do live in a region where the weather is not that bad!
  12. I think that color is fine for winter use. I also live in the Northeast and carry light colored bags any time.
  13. no way~~
    i like white, if i wanna wear white, i will, no matter it's winter or summer.
    i have white long boot and fuffy jacket too.