Sanaa Lathan's Instagram Pics

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Cute! I haven't seen any of her work since she was on Nip/Tuck
  3. Her hand in the second lot of pics... :weird:
  4. She's gorgeous and reminds me sort of a younger Phylicia Rashad.
  5. She has a nasty attitude
  6. her hands are...:sick:
  7. She talked about her fingers once and she said they didn't fully develop in the womb, kind of like little people hands.

    Besides that everything else is beautiful. No amount of cosmetic surgery these Hollywood chicks buy, can ever get them to Sanaa's natural beauty..
  8. She is so pretty. Doesn't she do a lot of tv production work just like her father?
  9. *~*She's gorgeous...*~*
  10. She's so beautiful!
  11. She does not age! She looks the same as she did in Love & Basketball.
  12. Such a pretty woman.
  13. I'm never sure if I like her or not.