San Marcos, TX outlets

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  1. i thought san marcos deserved it's own thread too. So if you see anything interesting please post here!
  2. Round Rock,TX outlet had 10% off coupons. I wonder if San Marcos, TX does too.
  3. I think most of them did bc of the Holiday weekend. Houston Premium Outlets did too.
  4. I just returned from that area yesterday. Here's a report:

    I did go to RR and they had an incredible selection of Carly's. Every color and size imaginable...(no chili color, tho). I did some returns and bought a lurex plum capacity wristlet.

    San Marcus: Well, I got there around 4:00 p.m. It was a madhouse...but they had so many incredible things! I love that outlet. LOTS of Bleeker stuff...Aubreys, Lilas, Josies, another evening type bag I'm not sure of. The Aubreys were in metallic leather, pink and teal. The teal was gorgeous. They had 2 Ellie satchels in cream fabric. I looked them over. Not for me...I didn't like the size or shape. Several Thompson Julias. Lots of Madison leather wallets...kisslock and large envelope...tons of wristlets of all kinds. Tons of Zoe zip wallets/wristlets in all colors, including red patent. I made a beeline for what I bought. There was only one out, and I got the SA to go to the back to see if she had a "fresh" one. It was the only other one she had...a cranberry (i.e. pink) Barrett! I scooped her right up. I could've done major damage there. I had the teal Aubrey in hand for awhile, but couldn't justify both. I saw a lot of the satin
    Amanda stuff...and a really cute messenger bag...khaki w/c's and a stripe down the front of teal snakeskin type fabric. Really cute and roomy. Both brown and magenta Ergo convertables, etc. I know there was a lot more, but I was really focused on my Barrett.

    Oh, they had 2 Madison leather miniskinnies...none in back, and I bought the teal one for 19.00 plus 10% off that. They had lots of the Soho minis and I saw a Soho purple patent satchel. Some Lindsays as well.
  5. i was supposed to go today but due to class starting tomorrow i can't make it. (teehee im still in college) anywho by any chance did you see any legacy leather flaps at the outlet in SM? is that coach store big, carry alot of things? :smile:
  6. I did see one Legacy (garcia leather) flap in black. They had the old Legacy flaps in teal suede/embossed. Yes, San Marcus is the best outlet in Texas so far. It's the oldest so that may be one reason why they get so many things. They have a lot of unusual items there that other outlets don't get.

    Do you attend college around there? (my son does)
  7. wow!! i need to get there soon! Thank you for the information! i'm beginning to think that the garcia leather flaps are sold out? I went to allen and only found 1, but it was suede with patent. I was trying to find one that was all garcia leather. Unfortunately i don't. i attend college over here in fort worth.
  8. Have a great semester!^^:tup:
  9. Thank you! :smile: :smile:

  10. Wow, thanks for the great report!
  11. Have you seen any sales on the Ergo with Legacy lining?
    I know it maybe a long shot but I figured since it was the outlet store the selection of bags would be huge.
    I haven't checked the store yet. I plan on stopping by after class as well.
  12. I haven't seen the Ergos in quite a while. I saw none there when I was shopping. I think they are far and few between now. Too bad, because I love them. I have 2..a med. pond patent and the large w/the turnlock in black smooth leather.
  13. At the Round Rock Outlet Mall...they are having an additional 20 - 50% off already marked down merchandise.

    I went this morning, tons of merchandise and plenty of different colors and styles.
    I couldn't decide on a bag, so I bought a nice leather wallet instead! Now, I need to purchase the matching bag to go with it.

    Hitting the San Marcos store this weekend.

    Happy shopping
  14. what bags did they have??
  15. Yes, ethbo, tell us what bags!!!:graucho:When I was there a couple of wks ago, they had TONS of Carlys. In every color and size. (except Chili) I wish they would discount THOSE again and I would buy another one. I won't pay 250 for one again, tho.