San Marcos Tx. Outlet

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  1. Anybody been there lately? I'm planning a trip Sat. What do they have in-stock now?
    Thanks in advance for your help!!!:yes:
  2. Ive never been but hope to plan a trip out there soon. Its just so far to drive on the weekends. Tell me if they have any good deals :smile:
  3. I'll do that!! I see your from Katy,:smile: I'm about 45 min south of Houston in matagorda county, so i understand about the drive!!! But it is great shopping out there, you should go, it's great fun!!!
  4. drive schmive...what's a 8 1/2 hour roundtrip (answer= my drive to san marcos)? But I still manage to get there every other month or so :yes: I hope to get their before christmas again :yes:
  5. I live close to the outlet so I can check on things for you if you'd like (less than 30 minutes for me).....

    They have the 06 holiday patchwork--duffles, totes, wristlets and pouches, they have the black and whiskey Abbey bags, still some camel and black ergos, a few canvas/colored slim totes, some chocolate and black sig multipurpose totes, book totes and lots of leather carryalls. They also have some of last year's chelsea line....

    Uh, no I haven't been there recently...:nuts: I was good, though...I was actually returning something, but I had to make myself leave quickly!
  6. Ugh! I wish I could make it down there too~ But it's sucha farrrr drive away! T_T

    I would LOVE to know what they have down there.. :sad:

    {edit} if this isn't to much trouble.. anyone know anything that's in the roundrock one? ^^;
  7. I used to live about 35 min from there and would find tons of bargains. All the stores seem to have great stuff..
  8. Man that sounds tempting to spend a day some weekend soon driving out there....we should have a tPF shop and lunch!:yes:
  9. I was excited to go and now I realy can't wait!!
  10. well i wish someone could give me an outlet report for connecticut or wrentham..we should just start an outlet report thread...