San Marcos Coach Outlet

  1. I'll be visiting the outlet in San Marcos (TEXAS) this comming weekend and just wanted to know what kind of bags they have there right now. Can someone give me some insight into what I'll be seeing? Thanks! :amuse:
  2. My mom goes into this outlet at least once a week, usually more. She said they are always loaded with stuff -- from leather to signature items. (Not all outlets carry the signature stuff...)

    Check out the clearance table, too! She picked up $98 mini ipod holders for about $8 each one time. Cosmetic bags for about $10 (signature ones, too).

    Last time she was in there, a woman purchased about $3500 worth of stuff and my mom was talking to her -- she said she resells on ebay (but she whispered it to my mom -- guess the stores don't like to hear that?) and said the San Marcos store was the BEST outlet she shops in to pick up items for resale.

    The Dooney & Bourke store is next to Coach, but my mom said they never have anything... then again, my mom doesn't like D&B. :flowers:
  3. I haven't been to that one in a while, but it's always got some pretty things! Usually it is a very current inventory.
  4. Thanks for the tip guys!!! :flowers:
  5. Wish I lived in U.S. I live in Tokyo, Japan and I think I shouldn't buy anything that is imported because the price is in the sky. 2 months ago, I went to Coach Outlet in Yokohama and checked the prices. You know half price for a wallet was around 200 USD. Forget it. :smile:
  6. Hey fellow Texas Gal, I have been there and I live in small town Texas, be sure to compare prices sometimes the outlet is not the best deal. Sorry, it has been there in awhile. I know you can get coach there, but sometimes you can find better pricing at Dept stores and now on the internet. What bag are you looking for?
  7. Purseloco: thanks for the tip, but i really wasn't looking for a specific bag. I'll keep that in mind for next time though!
  8. BTW: I just got back and the SA told me that they are moving to across the "mall" to a bigger space in early July (the 13th i think) and they will be getting in more stuff from the retail store.