San Juan?

  1. That's true. Driving in PR will prepare you to drive just about anywhere else!
  2. Oh wow~~ After reading the recommendations of Le Concha, I did some research and I must say it looks/sounds amazing... Besides a few reviews sayign the food and drinks are expensive (we can search the area for other places to eat & drink at... although a fruity alcoholic beverage with an umbrella poolside sounds much nicer. . . ) and the loud music in the lobby on weekends are annoying (will request room away from lobby), there is really nothing else bad being said about the hotel...

    I am even planning on moving our holiday up earlier to August!! (from sept...) Because the rates are a bit better~

    Has anyone ever been to the Bioluminescent Bays @ Fajardo & Vieques or gone horseback riding near El Yunque?
  3. Yes, I have. I didn't like Vieques...not much there. The bays and El Yunque are great.
  4. Great~ good to know I can cross Vieques off my list. . . Thank you!
  5. I have done the Bioluminescent Bays tour. I definitely recommend it. I had a great time.
  6. Thanks Emmyt1127~ did you book through your hotel? Or searched yourself? any tips for this activity?

    Just figured out we aren't going to make it for August and it has to be in Sept... =(
  7. Better in September than August, which is a bit hotter.
  8. Oh man..I just can't wait to get away that's all~ I figured it would be better later in the year because I have nice weather here until the autumn. But reading all the reviews of PR & Le Concha made me want to jump on a plane right away~ haha~
  9. It's hot year-round, worse from May to October.

  10. We were near the lobby at La Concha and honestly, it wasn't that bad. We went out at night though.
  11. El Yunque was great. Luquillo (near the kiosks) was GROSS - garbage everywhere.
  12. I booked the tour through the hotel and they picked me up my hotel. You should bring a swimsuit, a towel, water shoes/sandals and bug spray for the tour. Don't bring your camera, the glow is hard to photograph.
  13. Really? That's terrible. It has always been fine when I've been there. That's sad...if it's that way all the time.

  14. I looked at the reviews on tripadvisor and it appears to be an ongoing issue. Too bad, the water was so calm.
  15. We were on the 8th floor or so, and didn't hear a darn thing... They do try to get people to come on the weekends by using the DJs, but it's sort of fun to be down there while it's going on.

    There's a really good cheap sandwich place down the street, but the Chef at the La Concha is suppose to have a great reputation. The food we had throughout the stay was wonderful.

    We went to Vieques, which was super quiet but the beaches were white sand and perfect. The locals said there were sea turtles frequently seen in the water but we didn't get a chance to snorkel very much. I recommend it if you want privacy and perfect beaches. We stayed on the north side of the island.

    I still want to go back and visit the rainforest one day, and eat some roast pork roadside!