San Juan?

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  1. My husband and I were thinking of going to San Juan in April. I've heard it's really dangerous though. Is it worth a trip?
  2. san juan really dangerous? where did you hear that?
  3. Are you talking about Puerto Rico?
  4. I've never heard San Juan PR was dangerous...thinking of visiting this summer myself.

  5. Yup.

    I've heard that San Juan has gotten dangerous and that there is a lot of street crime. But that may be merely hearsay; I haven't seen any hard data. Anyone want to suggest a hotel? We're in FL, so we're just thinking of a weekend thing...
  6. We have taken two cruises out of Puerto Rico, and had great pre-cruise stays. I am sure San Juan and Old San Juan are like any city, you have to be careful. The beaches are gorgeous, the history amazing, and we found some of the best coffee beans we have ever had!:yahoo:
    Check out a website called cruisecritic and search for Puerto Rico - they have tons of info on hotels, places to eat, and places to visit.
  7. Forgot - we stayed at the Marriot Stellaris and we loved it. The Sheraton in Old San Juan not so much. There is a gorgeous hotel in Old San Juan called the El Convento - it looks like a great place to stay, and they have an open air tapas restaurant we ate at that was great - very romantic:love:
  8. I did not feel comfortable walking around San Juan at night with my sister. We got heckled and harassed by some local men... nothing "dangerous," just a little unnerving. I would say that it's comparable to walking around a lot of US cities at night, though. I definitely did not think it felt dangerous during the day. My experience wouldn't deter me from going back... I would just make sure I had a man with me if I walked around at night in a skirt again!
  9. I got married there in spring 2007, so i don't know if there's been any changes.... but it was a very beautiful walking city, especially during the day. i went with a group around town at night and didn't have any problems. you should be ok at night if you're taking a cab to a restaurant or hotel.

    past experiences with any touristy area though, beware of expensive cab rides and pick pocketing... i had the worst luck while down there and left my purse behind when we left the hotel lobby. it was gone an hour later and then whoever found it tried to use all the credit cards. ugh.
  10. I have been to San Juan, PR many times and loved it.

    Having said that, I recently read in the travel section that crime is way up there, in the Bahamas and there was a 3rd place I forgot. I read the article within the last few weeks.
  11. ^ I noticed that there was some shady stuff going on in the Bahamas when i was there last sept.... the cab drivers were super aggressive about everything, from cab fare to just hawking services(and selling $250 Air Jordans!).

    I think desperate times cause desperate acts!
  12. I stayed at the Ritz Carlton and it was the worst Ritz ever....too close to the airport, rooms w/o balconies, service not up to the usual impeccable service at the Ritz, but they do have a casino.
  13. Thanks. We're booking a long weekend trip tonight. :smile:
  14. We want to stay in Old San Juan. We're going away again in October to Vegas and staying at one of the nicer hotels. I don't want to break the bank for PR. How's the HoJo in Old San Juan?
  15. Um, not so great. I agree with the other poster about the Ritz however, the Ritz has the best breakfast on the island, hands down.

    I frequent PR and I would recommend the El San Juan or the Marriott Stellaris. No need to go to PR and not stay on the beach. If you really want to save money, try one of the off beach hotels in Isla Verde/Carolina, like courtyard marriott or Embassy suites. They are just a few blocks away from the other hotels like the Ritz and El San Juan.