San Jose / SF Bay California Meetup


May 8, 2010
Hey all! I just moved out to California, and would love to arrange a San Jose / San Francisco meetup. I know lots of us are here and it would be great to all get together and share our love of fashion.

A few of us are already planning this together and are open to locations. Currently, it's scheduled in San Jose, but it can be changed. :smile: Shoot a reply if you are interested!! ;)


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Feb 5, 2013
Hi, I hope this is an appropriate category to post this at. I’m hoping to find other couponers that live in the Bay Area that would be interested in meeting up and swap coupons. I have a TON that I do not need and will not be using and I would love to give them to someone that can use them in exchange for coupons that I may need or could use. I was thinking the meet ups could be in one of these cities, El Cerrito, Hercules, Pinole, Oakland, Alameda or Orinda (cities I am in on a weekly basis). Hopefully there are others that live close enough for this to work. I know with the high gas prices no one wants to travel very far these days.