San Jose / Bay Area Shopping next week? Anyone?

  1. Well, the boys last day of Hockey camp is today! Yahoo!

    So I am planning on doing some 'mom' time at VF and maybe Santana Row next week...anyone want to join me?

    I am open right now as far as to what day....I would like to go when my SA is there, so I need to check her schedule...maybe Thursday?

    Let me know
  2. I wish I were going to be there, would love to shop with you.

    I will be in Hawaii next week.

    I hope you have fun.
  3. Tink - yes! I might not buy anything but perhaps be a shopping buddy? :smile:
  4. i might be able to join yah tink...hafta let me know where VF is I'll be driving from emeryville =)
  5. I wish I lived up north..I've notice when you shop, you SHOP!!
    it would be so much fun to be your shopping buddy
    have a great time~
  6. thursday works for me!
  7. OK, I will call and see when my SA will be in and let you know :smile:
  8. I do, do that sometimes...but I haven't been able to find anything I this trip will probably be very mellow.
  9. Ohhh id love to join in... As of now im free Thursday after work...but are you doing it during the day?
  10. I wish I could go on a shopping spree with you mary.
  11. I wish that I could be there, but I'm not moving back to NorCal from Alaska until the end of August. But have fun and I hope that you find something that you love!
  12. Awww... Boss is back in the office, or I would totally be there!!
    Have fun!
  13. you guys have fun!
  14. Twinkle...Union Square?
  15. No, Valley Fair...I am too lazy to go to 'the city' I love my SA.