San Fransisco Bay area- can you help save baby bunnies from being euthanized?

  1. Just thought I'd post in case anyone here (or if you know anyone) can help out. I'm in Chicago....I wish I could. Link at bottom.

    Hi all,

    The Tri-City Shelter in Fremont is holding a group of 12 rabbits from a confiscation. The group includes two large and beautiful adult New Zealands and their 10 babies. The babies appear to be approximately 8 weeks old. All are in good health and quite friendly. If you are familiar with NZ's you know that they are one of the more docile breeds and make great companion rabbits.

    The shelter has another 7 rabbits in addition to the group of 12. As it looks now, the 12 confiscated rabbits will be euthanized at 5:00 p.m. on this coming Saturday. The shelter wants their rabbit population back down to 6 or 7 rabbits. If you would like to see pictures of the other rabbits up for adoption, please let me know. They have some very cute and very adoptable rabbits.

    Harvest Home needs your help in saving as many of these rabbits as we can. There is no possible way that we can take them all here. If you can take even one into your adoption program or into your home, please let me know as soon as possible. We are desperate for help. Our last two empty spots went to pregnant guinea pigs from another rescue.
  2. even a foster would be great!
  3. That's so sad. I posted this in the Animal Lover group on myspace. I hope they're able to be saved.
  4. thanks so much babieejae1101!! spreading the word helps!
  5. I wish I lived closer. :crybaby:I am about 7 hour drive from Fremont. It looks like on bunspace though someone posted a girl is going to the shelter to see these bunnies. I really hope they get rescued, they deserve it!
  6. Ack! If I weren't in NY I would help! But I did forward to people I know in Cali... It would break my heart if these baby buns aren't saved.

    I just was on bunspace to check up on the bunnies and saw this...

    "Thanks to everybun who spread the word around.

    They're going to Animals At Risk Care Sanctuary in Modesto! THANKS AARCS
    My heart goes out to everybun that has been waiting vigilantly with us for the good news! Now let's celebrate!!!! :biggrin:"
  8. I was just going to post that Kirsten!!!

    Nauticalstar- THANK YOU for passing the word on!!!!!
  9. :yahoo::wlae::yahoo::wlae::yahoo::wlae:

    so happy they're safe!
  10. Another one guys...anyone can help or know of anyone to help?

    There are 2 unneutered males that definately will be euthanized on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday) if I can't find rescue placement for them. One is a hotot and the other is small to medium and brown. Also there is a mom with 7 nine day old kits. The kits will also be pts on Tuesday. Please let me know if anyone has any room. I can help with transportation.

    Please contact Kim if you can take any of these buns

    I'm one of those people that figure the least I can do is post. I wish I lived in Cali (for many reasons!)