San Franscisco shopping

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  1. Well i am off to SF this weekend, staying downtown (Nob Hill?) and need some help from those in SF. Any suggestions where i should hit .. any good sales or sample sales happening.. areas that are worth the taxi or BART.. (we don't have a car)
    Any suggestions would be great!

  2. the obvious answer to this question is definitely Union Square. you can never go wrong there :] easily accessible by BART. just hop off the Powell St. Station and viola! you're right underneath the SF Shopping Centre. Macys is having their fall sale this weekend so try to grab one of those savings passes that are in their catalogs. if not, try asking the SA about the sale...maybe they'll be nice and ring up the extra % off for you :] theres also bloomingdales and Nordstrom in that same shopping center. have a great weekend!
  3. Hmm... not much sales going on right now. Barneys is opening today in Union Square (it will be there West Coast flagship) but not sure if they have any special sales going on with the unveiling. I would recommend heading to Union Square if you want to a variety of stores (high end boutiques, department stores, discount stores). If you are staying in Nob Hill, it's a quick taxi ride to Union Square. Don't try to walk because it's very hilly (down hill!)

    Fillmore is a cute area to explore too. Lots of coffee shops, small boutiques, and restaurants. You can find really cute earrings at De Novo (Sacramento/Fillmore) for $30 and under. And Heidi Says has a shoe boutique there too that carries a ton of fabulous flats and heels.

    Hope this helps!
  4. There is a huge Westfield Mall that has every store you can think of, from Bloomingdales to Footlocker to Victoria's Secret. It opened up just a year ago and I'm guessing you'll be able to kill quite a few hours there. Enjoy your trip!!
  5. hmmn thinking also about little boutiques, with some more contemporary designers
  6. Union Street and Chestnut Street in the Marina and California Street in Laurel Heights have cute small shops/boutiques.

    Both areas are a taxi ride from Nob Hill.
  7. Check out Ambiance; it's an awesome boutique with lots of different designers and good sales. There are three SF locations--Haight, Noe Valley, and somewhere else. My Roommate's Closet at Fillmore/Union is a boutique outlet that has a small but decent selection of high end discounted stuff (Catherine Malandrino, etc.) Marc by Marc Jacobs is also on Fillmore. By neighborhood, I really love shopping in the Haight and would also second the recommendation to stroll on Fillmore in Cow Hollow/Marina.
  8. Muse Ten is also in the Fillmore, lots of indie bags there including Belen Echandias.