San Francisco

  1. Anyone who lives in SF or ever traveled there, what are some great places to go to? Of course, I did a lot of researching but I'd like to know if you'd specifically recommend anything! Good, inexpensive places to eat? Shop?

    I'm going there soon and don't want to miss out on anything! What about the weather in June? Is it warm?

  2. San Francisco is a great city for sightseeing, eating, and shopping. I can't think of everything right now, but for shopping you definitely want to go to Union Square (duh), Hayes Valley for great little boutiques (mostly shoes), and Fillmore Street (I believe this is where the new Marc by MJ store is!). For sightseeing, if this is your first time there, definitely do the Golden Gate cruise. Visit City Hall (gorgeous). Golden Gate National Park. I love the bustling Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building. SFMOMA is a must-visit... For eating, I LOVE Dottie's for breakfast. There's always a humongous line there so get early! Frjtz has great sandwiches and fries. Burma Superstar in the Richmond district has the best salads and coconut rice ever. There are plenty of great eating choices in Little Italy (this is also a very happening night-area as well).

    I'm sure I'll think of more. Have fun!
  3. how fun. I used to live there for a really long time.

    1) Definitely eat at cha cha cha. They have one on Haight street or there's one in mission. The difference between the two is the one on Mission has a full bar. The food is yummmmy!

    2) of course you'd want to goto Union Street like around Union street and Laguna st. They have lots of bars, boutiques, and restaurants too.

    3) Also the fillmore district like fillmore street/Pine - California. I heard the Marc by Marc Jacobs opened a store there. I don't know if you're into consignment. But they have the BEST 2nd hand/consignment store on Fillmore/Bush called Crossroads. This is probably the best location out of the whole chain.

    4) Definitely downtown Union Square... it's just always a must for anyone who visits.

    5) goto North Beach. It's fun either day or night.

    6) Haight street.. only during the day. And it's near golden gate park.

    You know in June, they have a lot of street fairs so it would be cool if you were there during one of them!

    I'll try to look them up and reply in a different message
  4. Good recommendation, tod! Definitely try the garlic noodles at Thahn Long/Crustacean.

    Bring a jacket!!! Summer in SF is not like anywhere else in California (or anywhere for that matter!). It gets COLD! It's sunny alright but breezy to downright windy.

    Besides all the other recommendations, try to walk on the GOlden Gate Bridge. It's fun!
  5. CHA CHA CHA IS THE BEST!!!! cuban food plus the musiq :biggrin:
  6. Thank you so much for your help!!!!
  7.'s cold???? Well, thanks for letting me know! :biggrin:
  8. It always seems to be cold! The wind off the water can be veery deceptive and WICKED! No matter how cold you think it'll be for the time of year, it will be COLDER! Always bring a pashmina and jacket on a trip to SF. Even in the summer, it's quite chilly in the evening.
  9. Definately take a light jacket or pashmina, I am always cold there.

    If you have time, and you like museums, try to visit the California Palace of the Legion of Honor. This is my favorite museum in San Francisco and has an impressive collection of Rodin sculptures. The building is gorgeous too. I never miss this when I go. The Palace of Fine Arts is beautiful as well.

    After reading this thread I want to go back right now. I wish I lived in San Francsico.
  10. The summer pattern in SF proper is: foggy in the morning, then the fog burns off and the sun comes out, and the fog rolls back in the early evening. It's best to dress in layers. I usually end up schlepping around with warm clothes if I'm going to be out during the day into the night. There is even a noticeable difference between areas near the water and more inland neighborhoods, too. Before you leave, check the 2-week forecast on the Internet, though. We do get an occasional 80+ degree day.

    For places to eat and shop, check out Yelp:
    It's a review site where you will get people's unfiltered opinions. Many people have their "best of" lists and lists by neighborhoods.

    My favorite neighborhood is the Mission. There is a lot of good cheap food (mostly taquerias) as well as good Indian, tapas, etc. If you want to splurge a little, go to Delfina which is one of the most popular restaurants in SF that is not super expensive. Chow is also a popular place with modest prices, but that's closer to the Castro. If you want dim sum, go to City View on commerce street.
  11. Oh, and I forgot to mention Tadich Grill which is the oldest restaurant in SF. It serves seafood and their specialty is cioppino. It's an old school place and the waiters are surly, in a good way. Another good seafood place is Swan Oyster Depot which is only open during the day. I would rather eat seafood at those places than in Fisherman's Wharf.