San Francisco Travel Tips

  1. Hello all you SF/Bay Area people! I am planning a trip to the San Francisco area in the fall and am looking for some fun travel tips. Any good restaurant or shopping recommendations? It's embarrassing to say, but I used to live in the Bay Area, but it's been literally over 5 years since I have visited. Would appreciate any tips! Thanks :smile:

    Willing to trade New York trips for suggestions about your fair city!
  2. Scoma's restaurant on the wharf, they don't take reservations but worth the wait!
  3. Ana Mandera is good =)
  4. Are you staying in the city....or venturing to the surronding areas?

  5. I second the Scomas suggestion!
  6. Love, love love the Slanted Door......kinda expensive, but OMG, the food is so yummy!

    I also love the resturant Luella...
  7. hi twinkle! i'm actually going to be in berkeley/east bay for part of my trip. it's always nice to visit my undergrad institution. i remember being a starving student and getting lots of fun vintage finds around the college...

    so i won't have a TON of time to see things around there, but i'm keen on seeing the SFMOMA and the mission district, i suppose.
  8. redney-- thanks so much for the links!

    everyone-- thanks so much for your suggestions. i'm very excited about seeing SF again... :smile:
  9. ^^^You're welcome!!! there's tons of good stuff to do in Berkeley/Oakland/East Bay too! Have fun!! :yahoo:
  10. I'm assuming:

    [​IMG] G O B E A R S!

    I have to say, I think the community around the campus has changed quite a bit - don't be surprised. Many shops that I loved were gone when I visited last year.....sad. Have a great time.