SAN FRANCISCO tips - questions - advice

  1. I am thinking of taking a week long trip to San Francisco in March or so and am looking for suggestions on accommodations. I would like to be in an area where I can walk to a number of places to see and visit, shopping and dining. I do not require luxury accommodations as all I need is someplace clean and modern.

    I would also like to ask for suggestions on things to do while there. I would like to hit the Coach outlet but believe I will need to rent a car to do that - does anyone know if that's accurate or if I could take taxis without it being too costly?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. What's the address of the Coach outlet and what's the most you're willing to pay for a room?

    Whatever your budget is, look for a hotel in the Union Square area. It's very tourist friendly, fairly safe, and there's plenty of transportation options.
  3. If shopping is your thing then I'd definitely reccommend a stay in union square. there's lots of funky little hotels around, plus your bigger chains - hyatt, hilton, etc.

    As for coach outlets... yes you will need to rent a car. The coach outlets are about 1 hour away no matter which one you go to - there's one north, one northeast, and one south. If you have more questions please ask!
  4. Hi bnjj, I agree with the others, stay somewhere in Union Square. I stayed at the Hilton there not too long ago and it was lovely. Easy peasy to get around and lots of places to shop at. Hope you have a great time!
  5. Thanks guys.

    I have been looking at places in Union Square and that is likely where I will stay.

    I'm a bit apprehensive about renting a car and driving to the outlets but I imagine it will be alright.

    Any idea as to which Coach outlet is best?
  6. I stayed in Union Square and rented a car... and I never used it! You can walk wherever you want to go! If you like to shop, you will be in Heaven! Kimpton Hotels are great, and there are a few to choose from. You can look online to get the rates, and if you call, you can sometimes get them lower than what they have online. Have fun, I love it there!
  7. About a year or so ago my mom and I stayed at the Argent- we booked through Hotwire for something like $230 a night, which isn't bad for 4 star hotel in SF. It's close to Union Square and has well-sized, modern rooms with nicely-kept furniture (I think it might've been bought out by Westin so the name could be different though). Other than that I've found the Renaissance to be nice as well.
  8. oh btw, if you have a car, parking will be very pricey- up to $8 an hour at some garages and most hotels charge $40 a night or so.

    The nearest outlet is Vacaville, but honestly it's pretty crowded with Asian tourists and the experience is not too pleasant. The Napa outlets are further away but the drive is lovely, it's less crowded, and with better stores (Barney's, Benetton, J. Crew, etc.)
  9. Thanks all.

    I don't intend to have the car for more than one night as I would do my outlet shopping in one day.
  10. I was there last May and stayed in Fisherman's Wharf and we loved it! We rented a car tho and went all over ... to Santa Cruz and Napa Valley ... loved Union Square!
  11. I always liked the Renaissance Parc 55 when I was in SF for work. Right near a BART station and close to union square. Have fun! I haven't been to Sf in so long and I love it there!
  12. Hmmm... maybe I would need the car longer... are Santa Cruz and Napa Valley in the same direction or would you have to do them on different days?
  13. They are in opposite directions and you'd need to do them on different days. Santa Cruz is about 2 hours south of SF and Napa Valley is about an hour or so north of SF.

    Coach Outlets (thanks to Google)

    1. Napa, CA (about an hour north of SF):

    2. Vacaville, CA (about an hour northeast of SF):

    3. Gilroy, CA (about...hmmm...probably 1.5-2 hours south of SF):

    And definitely stay in Union Square in SF. TONS of shopping.
  14. Thanks Redney, that is very helpful!!
  15. you're welcome, bnjj!!! Hope you enjoy SF - it's an awesome city! I wish tPF search function worked, there have been many threads in GD about hints and stuff to see in SF!