San Francisco Summer Sale

  1. I just got word from my SA about the summer sale. Invitation only Aug 1st, and then Aug2-4. so excited! :yahoo:
  2. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  3. Yay!!
  4. Hurray!

    I'm putting it on my calendar!! Thanks for the hot tip!
  5. you think there's any 'clever' way to get your SA to invite you for 8/1?? i mean, i don't want to be gauche by just calling and flat-out asking. any ideas??
  6. Bump!
  7. I'd say just show up. If it is during regular store hours, just walk in.
  8. Is this only in San Francisco or in all Hermes stores? I'll be in Las Vegas that weekend.
  9. I know, I have to go to vegas on the 1st. I wanted to go so bad!!! I hope that vegas has a sale the same weekend. anyone in vegas know???
  10. thanks, abby (for the bump) and golconda...i was wondering about that, but didn't know if they closed the store down or something! hm, maybe i'll pop in between now & then, and see.... :smile: otherwise, i'm going to take your advice and just head over on the 1st!
  11. Does anyone know if the sale at King of Prussia, PA starts on the same date?
  12. Last SF sale the first day they did close the store a little early and the private sale was in the evening. I think you needed an invite? I wasn't able to make it til like the third day of the sale and they still had a few GPs and Plisse scarves along with clothes/shoes.
  13. what typically is the discount on RTW?
  14. Alright ladies: Any good scores?

    A S.F. trip is out for me at the moment, but I love living vicariously through others good fortune!
  15. Wow, your sales are held inside the store? Ours are almost always held at a separate location away from the store (at least the ones I know about).