San Francisco Sale

  1. Hi Ladies & Gentlemen :smile:

    Does anyone know when the SF sale will be? I know there was one in there 1 or 2 sales per year at the SF store?
  2. I was just there today, and was told it'll be on Friday and Saturday the 18th & 19th!
  3. I hope this one'll be better than the last one but it'll be fun either way! :yahoo:
  4. Just got an invite in the mail but I'm not going since I live in LA now. Private sale is Thurs Jan 17 from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm. Public sale is Friday Jan 18-Sat Jan 19 from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm. The invite specified "credit cards only"
  5. is it just going to be RTW?
  6. thanks for the info ladies. hopefully there will be better stuff this time
  7. Are they closed on Sunday? Tried to call today, but not getting an answer.
  8. ^^
    kimberf, Hermes is closed on Sunday. Try calling tomorrow they open at 10am.
  9. Hi ladies, I just recently joined this forum.

    In the past, were the wallets on sale in the San Francisco Hermes sale? Thanks for sharing the information.
  10. the sales that i have been to were all RTW. i have yet to see any leather goods onsale at SF Hermes
  11. jngai, the last one i went to (aug 07) wallets were not on sale. mostly rtw and shoes.
  12. so whos going on thurs? maybe we can all meet up :smile:
  13. Too bad I don't live in SF anymore. Is this an individual store sale? Will there be sales at other Hermes stores in California?
  14. Hi luxlover and mishelbe, thanks for the info.

    I don't live in SF (originally I plan to to ask my friend to check out the store if leather goods will be on sale). Have fun, ladies.
  15. unfortunately i am heading to LA this weekend so it looks like i am going to miss the sale too. wonder if LA is having there sale this weekend? you ladies have fun and report back what goodies you end up getting ;)