San Francisco SA recomendations

  1. Someone recomended that i post this here instead of the main section so here it goes...

    Hi Ladies!

    i would love to get recomendations on who to use as an SA in the San Francisco store. I would like to start a relationship, purchase things here and there and maybe get on the list for a 25cm or 30cm birkin. I kinda figured it will take a loong time before it happens so might as well start the relationship now.

    who do you ladies recomend?
  2. Pesto Pasta: I just PMed you :smile:
  3. Hi, I am quite new here, only have 3 posts, can you give me a recoomamandation as well ?
  4. Hi, here am I again. I like to order birkins at SF H, do you think they still take orders ? I mean am I able to put on the waiting list ? I am going to visit this Thursday or Friday.
    Thank you so much.
  5. I'm also interested in a SA at San Francisco store. Would appreciate a recommendation as well.
  6. Rave & Marie, I will send you a PM. My SA at SF is simply wonderful.

  7. my favorite person at hermes in SF is lydia...she is so not pretentious and incredibly attitude what so ever and she has great follow up. always big smile on the face and will let you know when the sales are coming up. i highly recommend her