San Francisco SA recomendations

  1. Hi Ladies!

    i would love to get recomendations on who to use as an SA in the San Francisco store. I would like to start a relationship, purchase things here and there and maybe get on the list for a 25cm or 30cm birkin. I kinda figured it will take a loong time before it happens so might as well start the relationship now.

    who do you ladies recomend?
  2. I'll PM you! I've got a lovely gal!
  3. I won't PM you since I love to share....her name is Lydia!
  4. Ditto. Lydia was wonderful to me when I visited a few months ago. She spent quite a long time educating me on the scarves and their history.
  5. Thank you ladies for taking the time to reply! I am hoping to start my new adventure soon your recomendations will surely help!