san francisco pfers-tips for a san fran vacation

  1. My daughter and her husband, mid 30's are going to San Francisco during the thankisgiving holiday for 5 days, would love to get tips on restaurants, side trips, the city is amazing and one of my favorite places in the world, but it is their first trip and any tips from the natives would be wonderful...thanks!
  2. Side trip to Napa, side trip to Muir woods (if they like to see the redwoods) /stinson beach/sausolito (sp) (which is on the other side of gg bridge, checking out pier 39/fishermans warf. And don't forget to bring a jacket.
  3. I've lived in SF for 10 years now. So snoozle's recommendations are great. They should also consider taking a tour of Alcatraz island, hitting the newer Ferry Plaza and its food markets, and shopping at Union Square along with the new mall on Market Street, where the newest Bloomingdale's just opened at the end of September. This mall is now the largest mall west of the Missisippi.

    Also don't forget to ride the cable car and perhaps a walking tour of the city. And don't miss getting a cocktail at the Top of the Mark (the top floor lounge in the Mark Hopkins hotel). Across the street is the Fairmont, which is another gorgeous hotel -- the newly renovated lobby is breathtaking.

    There are absolutely fabulous restaurants here, although the top ones are pricey. My favorites are Aqua, Michael Mina and Fleur de Lys. The House of Prime Rib is another favorite of tourists and has the best prime rib ever.

    If they love art, check out the Museum of Modern Art, or the Asian Art Museum. And take a drive through Golden Gate Park.

    Fhew! That should fill their schedule! If you need any other recommendations, please feel free to PM me.
  4. the best san francisco has to offer is it's food and diversity. the first places to check out is of course, alcatraz (sp), fisherman's wharf, chinatown, downtown with the new mall opening (definitely must because they have dior, burberry, gucci, prada, vuitton, kate spade, tod, kenneth cole, juicy couture..the list goes on and you're not even talking about the actual SFC mall itself!

    but most of all, there are places like super tokio that offers tons of asian imported goodies (candies, crackers, beverages) that you would rarely find anywhere else in america unless it's la or ny's chinatown. there's also burmese restaurant that's really good, tons of japanese restaurants, korean, vietnamese around this area.

    clement street from park presidio to about 2nd avenue is like "little chinatown"

    also fillmore street and union street...mostly fillmore if she likes marc by marc jacob (a free standing store) plus tons of cute boutique (that has been featured by lucky) and also the clay theatre with independent films.

    i also like japantown, there's always cute little stationary stuff and yummy food to try as well.

    lol. that's all i can think of now.

    feel free to comment back - anything specific, there's a lot, but i rather not have a long essay :sweatdrop:
  5. Lots of foodstuff.
    Citizen Cake Elizabeth Faulkner's restaurant, Houston's for Prime Rib sandwiches, Beach Chalet on Ocean Beach for Anchor Steam Beer and calamari and a beautiful view.
    Scoma's for pasta (diplomatica is unbelievable and you can share it its wonderful seafood pasta).
    Ferry Building for Michael Reiccuiti (sp?) chocolates and handmade marshmallows cut with a guitar string contraption.
    Metreon for cool gadgety stuff, Neiman Marcus Tea at the Rotunda (make reservation!) Cheap pasta and dancing and singing at the Steps of Rome @ North Beach neighborhood. Great little italian places for gelato and homemade italian goodies.
    Marina district Roses' cafe great for breakfast.
    PM me for more suggestions if you like.
  6. Another thing I thought was cool for drinks, is that hotel near union square that is wood panelled on the inside, but it has those paintings of people who are looking at you and their eyes move around... just like in the Harry Potter movies. I thought that was fun. I *think* if my memory serves me correctly it is called the Red Room.

    I would also check out Haight/Ashbury just for history sake.. where the hippie movement started.

    San Francisco Neighborhoods: Haight
  7. Absolutely don't forget to get some Dungeness crab from Pier 39/Fisherman's Wharf Fresh!!!!! Absolute must have before leaving San Francisco.
  8. Oh my Gosh all of you, thank you so much, I am typing all your suggestions and they will love them.....thanks! and if you think of more, just keep them coming!