San Francisco meetup!

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  1. I know there are LOTS of SF tPF'ers!! How about a Saturday in October for lunch? I'm in Vegas the weekend of the 12th but free anytime before or after.
  2. Count me in!
  3. San Francisco is such a pain for parking, etc...what about meeting half way, say Stanford...and some of us southbayers could come too?
  4. Oh, wish I was still in the bay!
  5. Oh Tink, please come, it's not that bad! Sutter Stockton garage is awesome and only 2 blocks from Union Square!

    But I'm still in, wherever we meet!
  6. I would be up for a meet...what day and what time?
  7. I'm up for it!
  8. Plus, there's always BART. I'm in the South Bay too and that's how I usually get up to SF. Drops you right off in front of the mall! :nuts:
  9. oh man i wish i made it!! whens the next one??
  10. I will ask Jill to close to make room for a new meet up...
  11. I Closed it first!! :tup:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.