1. And thanks hitchcockblonde! I totally forgot to put the link back on as my signature! I had it as my signature before but took it down so I could but some countdowns on instead!!

    If you fabulous ladies would like to help spread the word on the meet for other purse loving ladies to join, please feel free to add it onto your signature! TIA!!
  2. Sunday sounds like a great idea, count me in!
  3. Do we have a final date set yet?

    We may want to close this thread and open a new one once all logistics have been finalized...
  4. Hi all,

    Will the meeting be in march now? That sounds so fun! If it's in march, I have spring break then and may be able to make it. SF is good for me, plus we have to shop afterwards :p. I look forward to it.
  5. Is there a date set for this? I am vacationing in SF the week of March 9th.
  6. I'm in if it's March 23. I'll also be vacationing earlier in the month, March 10-19.
  7. I think March 23rd is the best date for me. How is it for everyone else? I see Lori can make it. BNJJ can you make it?
  8. Is March 23rd a Sunday? If it is on the weekend, count me in!
  9. Weekends will work for me. But I will be out of town (in LA) March 6-8.
  10. Nope, as mentioned I will be there on vacation the week of March 9th. Hope you all have a good time on the 23rd.
  11. Count me in!!! I just need a specific date when we get it all worked out :yes:
  12. BJNN I really would love it if you can come. When are you free??
  13. is there a date yet? i'll be there this weekend (finally! it's been forever...) but I can try again for the 23rd...
  14. Is it March 23rd?? might be able to swing a day in the city before traveling out for work....keep us posted on the final date! :tup:
  15. ooh! if its on a weekend or in the evening on a weekday, i'm in! i'm moving to SF next week and would love to meet all of the tPFers in the area! :smile: